Introducing The Incredible NOID ProTM

The revolutionary new state-of-the-art wireless control system for landscape professionals

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Irrigation management using the NOID ProTM system lets your State and Municipal clients save water, money and time.



NOID ProTM is the best wireless solution available for the critical needs of today’s most modern farmers.


Commercial Properties

NOID ProTM helps manage water usage to improve sustainability, manage schedules remotely and increase the bottom line for management companies.


Residential Communities

For either a small or large portfolio, NOID ProTM will save you a great deal of time, hassles and money.


Golf Courses

NOID ProTM offers the perfect solution to bring legacy systems into a central control without having to shut down your course to trench and wire in a system.

NOID ProTM is remarkably easy to install

The revolutionary new NOID ProTM (Ecosystem) can be installed
in minutes…much faster and easier to install than all other
(traditional) irrigation and lighting control methods

Wireless Valve Control
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From Any Remote Location

Manage All Your Devices

NOID ProTM is the first commercial grade long-range wireless outdoor environmental control system.

Every individual NOID ProTM device is self-locating via a GPS chip. This means the NOID ProTM(  (Ecosystem) can integrate and control the entire outdoor “Smartscape” -landscape lighting, irrigation, fountains, pumps, sprinklers and mist systems – from ANY remote location using a Smart Phone or tablet.

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Now There’s No Limit To The Irrigation Systems You Can Design

NOID ProTM gives you ultimate design flexibility, for any client, to your own exact specifications. No wires! NOIDTM takes control of non-functioning “orphan valves” without having to dig up existing landscaping to replace the wires.

NOID ProTM is solar powered, this eliminates the need for trenching, makes it incredibly simple to add devices, and allows you to combine and control multiple systems with one device.

NOID ProTM Products
NOID ProTM Means

Smarter Watering

NOID ProTM monitors your watering systems in real time using NOID Pro’s wireless master valve controller and flow meter.  Make decisions and mitigate water loss from any remote location.


  • The NOID ProTM system automatically establishes a baseline watering GPM for every station during Schedule setup.
  • Provides water usage estimates in gallons when setting up schedules based on each valves GPM test result.
  • Monitors watering schedules during cycle runs to look for leaks or blockages within the system
  • Tests to ensure all valves have shut down completely after each scheduled run
  • Alerts you to any broken line or broken sprinkler…and lets you shut off the leaking valve remotely.
  • Allows the system manager to set conditions for automatic shutdown based on risk associated with leaks.
  • Automatic Watering Window Scheduling Management
  • Program all stations on one property in one convenient interface, no matter how many controllers are in use.
  • Seamlessly add orphaned valve back into the master schedule without having to re-wire them into the system.
  • Store Schedules to be re-used year after year.  Never a need to program again.
NOID ProTM Software