Complete Control In The Palm of Your Hand

The NOID ProTM App is the most powerful outdoor environmental control App ever invented. This easy-to-use new software application features a simple, user-friendly dashboard that gives you complete control over all your watering and outdoor lighting needs…using a single device.

Dynamic Control

The NOID ProTM App lets you monitor and control your yard’s watering and lighting schedule from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • NOID ProTM combines multiple controller stations into one simple to schedule interface.
  • Uses local sunrise, sunset data to adjust landscape lighting schedules
  • Store Schedules to be re-used year after year.  Never a need to program again.
  • Legacy orphaned valves are seamlessly integrated into the system.
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Smart Scheduling

The NOID ProTM App is the ideal solution for school and college campuses, athletic fields, golf courses and other large, complex irrigation sites. Thanks to the NOID ProTM unique “Schedule Optimizing”, this remarkable App can automatically program watering schedules based on the specific watering windows and the time of day. It will program for the vast and changing schedules – special events, sporting competitions – of even the most complicated and elaborate outdoor public spaces. NOID ProTM can also easily customize a watering and lighting schedule to your own exact specifications.  Lighting can be scheduled to automatically adjust with daily sunrise/sunset date.  Conserve energy by not having to manually chasing your landscape lighting schedule.

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Multi Property Use

Whether you have 2 zones or you manage 1500, NOID ProTM displays everything in a simple to view interface by having a name and photograph of each zone and property it is on. Best of all, NOID ProTM allows you to run everything on one hand-held device.

  • Sprinklers, lighting, drip systems, fountains and more…
  • Use one login for multiple properties
  • Set permissions for use by employees
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Smart Watering

By using a wireless flow meter, NOID ProTM automatically monitors watering schedules, shuts down any leaking valves, and also provides water usage estimates in gallons.

The amazing NOID ProTM App stores  watering data from multiple sources and automatically adjusts watering schedules based on calendar change events..  The App also alerts you if you’re over or under-watering, or if a valve is leaking…and lets you shut off the leaking valve automatically.

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