NOID ProTM System

The most innovative new wireless control system in the world. The NOID ProTM Ecosystem is the absolute state-of-the-art. A
completely wireless outdoor environmental control system for professionals.

Step by Step Install

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  • 1

    Install the Noid™ App on your smart device and Register the NOIDTM Hub

  • 2

    Scan QR Code and Install a NOIDTM Irrigation Controller

  • 3

    Scan QR Code and Install a NOIDTM Commander to control Fountains, Landscape lighting, and Mister Systems.

  • 4

    Set your Schedules on NOIDTM App


Solar Powered

NOID ProTM is powered by the sun.
The revolutionary NOID ProTM wireless
controller is different from all the other
technology in the market.


No Wires

NOID ProTM gives you ultimate design flexibility. Because NOID ProTM allows you to design any system, for any client, without the limitations of conventional systems.


Ultimate Valve Box

NOID ProTM removes the need for a
control box on the sides of buildings
and put it in the ground – power and
all – right inside the valve box.

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Long Range Wireless Communication

NOID ProTM is the world’s first commercial grade long-range wireless outdoor environmental control system. Each NOID ProTM device has an astonishing 1-mile range for device-to-device communication.

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Self Locating

Every NOID ProTM device is self-locating.

Every individual NOID ProTM device in our entire system has a GPS chip to map its exact location for ease of maintenance. With NOID ProTM you’ll never spend time trying to locate a device.

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Noid ProTM Security

NOID ProTM keeps your entire system safe and secure.

NOID ProTM uses a secure protocol via a secure LTE cellular connection. This insures that all communication within the system cannot be compromised.

“The NOID™ Pro system has absolutely changed the way our landscaping company does business. Their exclusive NOID™ App identifies and stops leaks easily, and automatically. There’s no need to drive to a site, hunt down leaking valves or dig through a tangle of wires. This remarkable system is perfect for large properties such as golf courses, ball fields and college campuses. It saves us time and money, and allows us to provide better service to our customers.”

— George Wilson - Excelsior Landscape Design

“The NOID™ Pro system has absolutely changed the way our landscaping company does business. Their exclusive NOID™ App identifies and stops leaks easily, and automatically.”

— George Wilson - Excelsior Landscape Design

The NOID ProTM System Advantages

Wireless Valve Control

The NOIDTM Wireless values controllers require no extra wires or power sources to the valve.

GPS Mapping of Devices

Quickly locate and Identify remote NOIDTM modules. View their location on a map.

Cellular and WiFi

NOIDTM will work anywhere a Cellular connection is present.

Solar and Battery Powered Modules

Each NOIDTM module is solar and battery powered eliminating the need for hardline powered sources.

AC Switch Control

Intelligently control switches and relays for lighting, pumps, fountains and more. Schedules automatically based on the sunrise and sunset times in your area.

SSL Security

From start to finish, all devices and communications are encrypted by top of the line proprietary security protocols

Control 100’s of NOIDTM Modules simultaneously

NOIDTM allows you to simultaneously communicate and control more than 200 individual NOIDTM modules per Hub. Add more NOIDTM Hubs to gain more control.

Operational Under Power Loss

Because NOIDTM Modules are independent of hardline power, wireless valves will continue to operate, on schedule throughout a power outage