Residential How It Works

Easy to Install

The revolutionary new NOIDTM Ecosystem is much easier to install than traditional irrigation and lighting control methods.
Since NOIDTM does not require wires that run to the valve box, there’s no need for trenching or complex wiring connections.

Step by Step Install

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  • 1

    Install and Register NOIDTM Hub

  • 2

    QR Code and Install NOIDTM Controller

  • 3

    Scan QR Code and Install NOIDTM Comander

  • 4

    Set your Schedules on NOIDTM App


No More Wires

No copper wiring means no more trenching. Installing or adding onto an existing system just got a lot easier!


The Best Orphaned Valve Solution

Bring valves that lost their wired connection back into the schedule without trenching in new wires.


Add New Irrigation to Existing Systems

Add irrigation control anywhere you have pressurized water without interrupting existing landscaping.

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In Your Hands

It’s Easy to Control Everything from your NOIDTM App

The most powerful and useful outdoor environmental control App ever invented.

The NOIDTM App allows you to completely control your entire outdoor environment – watering, lighting, fountains or any outdoor function – with the touch of a button. It’s amazingly easy to use.

The NOIDTM App even allows you to readily add additional devices. It’s as quick and easy as scanning the QR code on the device. That’s all there is to it.

What Can the App Do?

“The NOIDTM replaced 6 controllers in our yard’s irrigation system.  It’s faster, easier and I don’t have to run around the yard manually changing all my schedules.  I love that I can store all my schedules and they are all in one place.  This is a significant breakthrough!”

— Homeowner, Phoenix AZ

I love I can control my lighting, irrigation and even turn on and off my mister system in the same app.  Love it.

— Homeowner2, Phoenix AZ

Easy to Maintain

The NOIDTM Ecosystem is a lot easier to maintain than other irrigation systems.
Here’s Why!


Unlimited range extension – each NOIDTM module can receive and relay data to the next module

NOIDTM modules can be controlled directly and wirelessly via Bluetooth®

NOIDTM modules can easily be tested or deployed using your NOIDTM App

NOIDTM has longer battery life

For pre-existing irrigation systems, NOIDTM takes control of non-functioning “orphan valves” without having to dig up the wiring

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