Residential Products

Meet the Brain

The NOIDTM Hub is the central brain of the entire NOIDTM system.
The Hub instructs each NOIDTM device within a 400-foot range
what to do and when to do it. This can be based on sunrise or
sunset data or a programmed schedule.



  • WiFi Communication with the Cloud
  • BLE Communication with NOIDTM Devices
  • DC Powered
  • Indoor Unit

NOIDTM Puts You in Command

The NOIDTM Commander is a Smart® wireless A/C control switch that gives you total command over all your pumps, misters, fountains, landscape lighting and more.

NOIDTM Commander

  • 120 VAC
  • BLE Communication with the NOIDTM Hub
  • Outdoor Rated Waterproof Enclosure
  • Single Plug

NOIDTM Gives You
Total Control

NOIDTM Controllers give you total control over each individual valve. This enables you to manage every aspect of how the sprinkler and drip irrigation systems operate.

NOIDTM Controller Single Valve

  • Single Valve Control via Latching Solenoid
  • Plug-in for Flow Sensor
  • BLE Communication with the NOIDTM Hub
  • Battery Powered

NOIDTM Controller Wireless Valve

  • 2 – 8 Station Valve Control via Latching Solenoid
  • Addition of Valves with Plug in Station Boards (up to 8)
  • BLE Communication with the NOIDTM Hub
  • Battery Powered

NOIDTM Controller Traditional Valve

  • Replaces Existing Sprinkler Controller
  • 16 Station Valve Control via Standard 2 Wire 24 VAC Output
  • BLE communication with the HUB and Sensors
  • Input for Sensors
  • 120 VAC Transformer Input
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NOIDTM Means Smarter Watering

By using a wireless flow meter, NOIDTM can automatically monitor watering schedules, shut down any leaking valves, and also provide water usage estimates in gallons.

NOIDTM ensures water is not being wasted and
gives visibility to the user to make smart watering decisions when setting up a schedule.

We are working tirelessly to develop additional sensors that will expand NOIDTM smart watering capabilities. As additional sensors become available, there will be no need for system upgrades to add devices to your NOIDTM system.

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